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gloatingly present:

The Anti Cosmic Death Cult of His Satanic Majesty -

PTAHIL (Fort Wayne, Indiana, US)

Pro-tape box-set including: "Anti-Flesh Existence / Ortus", "For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory", "The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair" & "Born Against" for the first time on audio-cassettes, represented in tome-styled custom case with cloth flag. Exclusively made in Russia.

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released July 2, 2015

After 10+ years passed since previous musical output Orthodox Productions is back with the third tape release!

Tactical & technical characteristics:

4 x pro-tapes with printed shells (of 4 different colours), full-colour j-cards on 200 gr/m paper, custom-cut tome-styled box of 300 gr/m laminated cardboard, A3 flag on 180 gr/m gabardine. Hand-numbered edition, 100 copies are made by now.

"PTAHIL's involvement is Illumination through Satanic Gnosticism!
Music charged with adversarial ritual and spirituality.
Sworn to Chaos and the perpetuation towards the death of ALL life.
Lyrically manuscripted from Satanic introspection and musically composed from dissonant flagellation."



Thou Shalt Kill! / Orthodox / FFFeast Королев, Russian Federation

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